Hex Bolts

We are Manufacturers and exporters of Expansion Bolt, Gravity Bolts, High Tensile Hexagon Bolts, Hex Flange Bolt, Nip Bolt, Plough Bolt, Round Head Square Neck Bolts, Steel Bolts, Hexagon Head Bolt, Square U Bolts, Sleeve Anchor Bolts, Drop-in Anchor Bolts, Eye Bolts, Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts,  Sleeve Metal Expansion Bolts, Socket Shoulder Bolt, Square Head Bolts, Square Neck Bolt, Foundation Bolt, Structural Bolt, Stud Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Belting Bolts, Toggle Bolts, Track Shoe Bolts, Centre Bolt with Nuts, Wheel Bolts, Threaded Studs, Blind Rivets, Rivets.

Material: Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel.
Standard: ASTM / ASME / BS / DIN / JIS / BS EN ISO
Dia Range: M06 TO M64 AND ¼” TO 2” Bigger sizes can be manufactured as per order.
Threads: UNC,8UN,UNF, Metric Course and Metric Fine.
Coating: Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized, Stainless steel, Black, PTFE, Yellow, Dracomet, Client Specific Requirements