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Company Introduction

Based in Ludhiana (India), the company Hindustan Engineers are the manufacturers & exporters of High Tensile Fasteners, Strut Support Systems, Threaded Rods, MS Screws & Channel Fittings & Accessories. The company established in the year of 1975, with the extreme efforts of S. Prem Singh and S. Prabhjeet Singh, with the single objective to manufacture complete range of fasteners products like Hex Nuts, Hex Bolts, Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Roofing Bolts, Anchor Foundation Bolts, Eye Bolts, UBolts, Scaffoldings, Threaded Rods, Studs and all kind of screws like Drywall Screws, Wooden Screws, Metal Screws, Machine Screws etc.

Our products are available in Material like Stainless Steel and Mild Steel and Finish of products like Hot Dip Galvanized & Zinc finish. Our main motto is to worldwide supply quality and safe products. Our Strut Support products range includes Channel Nuts, Spring Channel Nuts, Channel Brackets, Strut Channels, Cantilever Arms, Pipe Clamps, Channel Cable Clamps, Beam Clamps, Channel accessories & Fasteners etc. Our company has acquired years of experience in the supply of its products, with a clear vision in mind to promote our leading company with quality products and reliable customer service.

Mission & Vision

Hindustan Engineers's mission is consistent supply of its quality, durable, hi-performance products, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable players in the industry. Due to our customer centric approach, we are able to provide our customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements.

Strut Support Systems Products Range

Hindustan Engineers are manufacturing products range includes Channel Nuts, Spring Channel Nuts, Short Spring Channel Nut, Long Spring Channel Nuts, Conical Spring Channel Nuts, Top Spring Channel Nut, Hammer Head Channel Nuts, Square Washers, Flat Plate Brackets, Flat L bracket, T bracket, Angle bracket, Delta bracket, Welded Gusset bracket, Obtuse bracket, Z bracket, C bracket, Top Hat bracket, Base Plates, Internal External Connectors, Wing brackets, Strut Channels, Plain Channels, Slotted Channels, Cantilever Arms, Slotted Cantilever Arms, pipe clamps, single pipe clamp, clevis clamp and clamp accessories, Castings Strut Pipe Clamps, Clevis Hanger, channel Purlin Clamps, Toe Beam Clamp, Heavy Beam Clamp, Z type Beam Clamp, Window Brackets, Beam Clamp with U Bolt, Malleable Iron Beam Clamp, Purlin Clamp, Sheet Metal Beam Clamp, Purlin Clamps, Wedge Nut, Back Plate with Dual Nut M8 + M10, Bush & Check Nut, Saddle Clamp Steel BZPP Clips, PVC Strut End Cap, Hex Bolts, U - Bolts, Long Coupling Nuts, Threaded Rod / Bar, automotive parts, garden fencing hardware etc.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We wish to be your reliable product suppliers, giving our best shot each and every time. We are the channel accessories exporter aiming to deliver high quality ‘Hindustan’ brand products right in time to the customer to get the job done by achieving Total Customer Satisfaction with our committed delivery & correct communication.

Competitive Cost

Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We maintain Quality of our products as well as cost. we never compromise with products in relation because quality products are our company's back bone. we provide very competitive rates to our reputed customers with 100% customer satisfaction.


Hindustan Engineers offer total flexibility in design & constructions of assemblies for Framing applications. Hindustan Engineers Products are available in a range of Materials & finishes. These finishes offer differing degrees of corrosion protection for use in a verity of environment. Where required, Factory decorative finishes, such as powder coating are available to order.

More information

Business Type - Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.
Export Percentage – 70%
Year of Establishment – 1975
Export Markets – Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherland , Spain, U.K, USA & Canada

Enquiry / Query

To place an enquiry / query / order or to avail more information about our company and services, you can e-mail us and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

For any query just mail us : info@hindustanengineers.org

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